I Don’t Like Travel

Bet you didn’t expect that one. I travel a lot and I have plans to do so next year too… I just had to get this off my chest.

Katie Sea


Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand

Every time I get back on the road I wonder if I even like travel.

I don’t really feel that excitement before a trip anymore.

The thought of packing my bag, pre-charging my electrical items and wiping my camera equipment, before jumping on the road for the un-productive hours of travel ahead of me, fills me with some kind of dread.

I arrive to my destination (usually a new place) after a long, tiring journey (because obviously I chose the cheapest and longest way to get there). Next, I have to navigate myself to my accommodation.

In-country travel is not always intuitive and is made more complicated by a language barrier. When all you want to do is crash in a bed because your brain is numb with tiredness, this isn’t the most fun navigational challenge in the world.

And, wait, oh damn, I forgot to download ‘offline maps’… what a rookie error.

Early on into my trip, my mind is constantly fixated on the costs of everything. But I also feel a pressure to do everything.

And, finally, the loneliness hits.

It’s at this point where I’m gonna sink or swim.

And I guess the reason why I continue travelling is because I end up swimming.

Recently, I realised that it’s these challenges that truly make travel for me. Despite not enjoying every moment every second of the day, there are plenty of small moments that make my time abroad. But there’s also pride in overcoming the challenges.

Being completely out of my comfort zone with just a backpack full of stuff to aid me is incredibly scary, and yet at the same time it is thoroughly freeing.

I like to go all in because you never quite know what will happen.

I remember my first real solo/backpacking trip abroad; I travelled to Honduras to carry out research for my university dissertation. 6 weeks of scuba diving on a coral reef sounded pretty cool but I had no idea if I even liked scuba diving. I also knew no-one on the…



Katie Sea

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